Saturday, January 23, 2016

Season of Snow - Project Quilting 7.2

It's been an exciting week, lots of creativity brewing, lots of productivity!  And finally Boston has a bit of snow!

And it's coming down in blankest as I type!
I'm trying to grow a bit and joined a couple photography challenges.  Can't say if I'm any good, but they are fun!

Sunlight Challenge

Side light Challenge

Back lit Challenge - I call this "Anatomy of a Quilt"
This week's #sewprompted2016 theme was Buttons :-)
A little secret about my fantastic Hubs, he knows sewing machines!  He knows their mechanics and how to make them sing.  Me on the other hand, know how to abuse them and use them till they drop!  So earlier this week, when I could sew a simple straight seam without a punching sound or having to physically pull my fabric through, I begged for his help and attention :-)


Aside from a 1/8 cup of lint, thread and fuzz clogging everything, my needle tip had burred to the side and was completely flat.  Lesson - be kind to your machine!

Project Quilting Episode TWO theme was Seasons.  My first inclination was to do something in the round - a modern Dresden plate or dahlia quilt.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do something completely different and take chances.

I have been reading much about minimalism - in art, in lifestyle, in quilting, in cooking.  And the little designer imp in my head prompted me to do this:
Seasons measures 30" by 30", machine pieced, machine quilted

This was all about fabric and color selection for me.  It was partial improv piecing, as I had a general idea of where some colors should go and made a map.  But the final product is very different from the map.

Each quadrant is a different season.  The top left, with the circular quilting, is Spring, and the other seasons follow in a counter-clock wise motion.  I have a very visual way of thinking and see my calendar and seasons in my head counter-clock wise.

2016 has been a brutal year on my favorite celebs, the hardest to say good-bye to was Alan Rickman.  I fell in love with him in Sense and Sensibility.  And when Harry Potter rolled around, I was always pro-Snape.  Wednesday night I was feeling a bit emotional and came home to make a little tribute to him.  In Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore learns of Snape's lasting love for Harry's mother, Lily, and asks "After all this time?"  To which Snape replies, "Always."

Thank you, Mr. Rickman, and sleep well.  You will be our always and never forgotten.

6" by 6" completed size
Until next time, stay warm, be groovy and strut your stuff!  

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  1. I really like your minimalist approach to the challenge. The quilting and the binding moves the eye all around the quilt.