Thursday, January 7, 2016

Confetti! PQ7 #1

Happy New Year!

The rush of the holidays are past and life is settling back into a normal simmer.  After taking a break from my studio, I am excited to get back in it and am bursting with ideas!  I collected so much fabric and have little sketches all over the place - it's going to be a good year!
A little cheer from our dining room!

My local guild has a fun yankee swap/white elephant - this was my contribution  - I loved the orange peel design and have plans to do more!

Hubs and I bought dollar store stockings our first year dating, that are now pretty ratty.  This year I made new ones for us, our parents...

...and Mr. Django :-)

In the New Year's Resolution spirit of things, I started the year off by finishing a UFO and had lots of fun quilting it!
A simple exercise with flying geese and straight line, free motion quilting.  The fabrics are from Kona Winter Classics collection. 

It has been beautiful and mild in Boston this winter (and I have many hopes it stays thus!!)  Walking with Django has been really lovely.
Love sunsets - don't exactly love that they happen at 4pm...

I've also joined Project QUILTING for it's 7th season in an effort to spice up the creativity and use their motivation in the studio!  Their first challenge this week was "Confetti" - exactly the challenge I've been looking for!  This idea has been floating around in my head for a while and I'm pretty happy with the completed project!

Last summer I fell in love with English Paper Piecing and used my cutting machine to create customized EPP templates.  This was a Christmas gift from the Hubs last year - seriously my favorite appliance :-)

My fabrics were a charm pack of batiks - Tonga Treats - very bright and happy, the look like confetti!  From each 5" square, I first cut one 1.25" strip and two 1.75" strips and made squares from each strips.  Using EPP, I made hexagons in both half inch and 3/4 inch sizes, pressed them, removed the template and tacked them to my background material with the tiniest dot of fabric glue.  This kept them in place firmly enough through quilting.  I added an extra strip to the binding, giving it an extra border and a 3D effect.

I love to start with something in order then break it down until it is very sparse, playing with space and motion.   

I also had a bunch of fun with making hexi's and had a bunch left over - here's a peak at the next project! (My own, not related to Project QUILTING)

I am out for now!  I'm taking a mini road trip with Django this weekend and I'll be back in the studio next week!

From us to you - wishing you the best for 2016, with love and cheers!

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Music: "House of the Rising Sun" by Five Finger Death Punch


  1. This is fantastic! So happy to have you joining in the PQ fun! I can't believe how teeny tiny you made your hexi's - wowza!

  2. Beautiful projects! I really like your interpretation of the PQ challenge! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. So pretty and modern. Great job!

  4. I really like your hexie project and can't wait to see the 2nd version complete as those hexies really pop on the black background!!

  5. This is so fun! I know I thought of tears of a clown on FB but not in bad way I was thinking of a happy clown! ;)

  6. You are an amazing hexi-maker! Your project is great!

  7. Thanks all! It was a really fun project to make!