Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sun-Sunny Days!!

I love Summer! Mostly because it means I can go to one of Boston's many beaches!  So when a good friend invited me to a beach outing, I was excited!!

But I couldn't find my beach bag anywhere...! 

Well, it was time to update it anyways, right?  Last Friday evening I whipped up this guy: 

It was super simple to make: cut various width of fabric strips, alternate colors, sew strips into one big panel, fold in half and sew up the bottom and side! Add handles and you're done! I did not want to put a huge amount of effort into a lining or pockets (by all means you can!!) and if I were making it for any other purpose than the beach, I would have put more details into it. I did add top stitching and French seams on the side/bottom to keep things from unraveling but that's as fancy as this one gets! Start to finish, this project took a total of 35 minutes!

Same night, still feeling the glow of a new bag and couldn't shut my brain off.  Plus I had The Princess Bride playing in the background (ooo that Dread Pirate Roberts...!) and ended up with this little tote.  Lately I've been thinking through what our family coat of arms might look like, if I were to create one. Of course it would have to be piratey on some level. Combine the two trains of thought and you get:

Not bad for a project started after midnight!!

The next day was GREAT!!  We went to Revere Beach, just outside Boston.  Our original plan was just to see the annual Sand Sculpture contest. It also happened to be Disney's Kid Triatholon, a country music fest, and the Food Truck fest - all at once on the beach!! What a day!!  It was a bit breezey and cloudy but, with the overwhelming crowds, I didn't mind one bit!  Not to mention just having a great time with friends, new and old! 

I can't rember the exact title but it had something to do with her transforming into waves of the Ocean. 

This one is called "Fear"

This is "Double Vision" - study it a bit you'll see why! And this beauty won first place!

I LOVED this one, called "Eternal Love"

Dedicated to our Troops of all branches of service!

And finally, the sand castle!!

Keep enjoying the Summer Sun and we'll chat soon!  Keep stitchin'!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feathers All Around!!

My poor husband has been so sick the past week or so, making me the loving nurse! He is finally feeling better (thankfully!!) but his nurse caught all his germs.  There is nothing worse than being sick in hot weather, agreed??

Which is why I hid in my sewing studio the past couple days - it has beautiful air conditioning!! :-)

My studio recently got an upgrade, which my fellow tall quilters might appreciate! I've always complained about cutting because it meant bending over to awkward heights. When you are 5'10", the standard table height is not comfy at all.  The Hubs suggested bed raisers. Sold in 4 packs from Amazon or Ikea for roughly $15, these are back savers!!! Best $15 I've ever spent!

Today's post is a combo of 2 different day's work, both of which are part of my Guild's summer challenge.  We were given the panetone of Radient Orchid and told to create a wall hanging using at least one fat 16th of that color.  Luckily it happens to be one of my favorite colors!!

The top I made 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed making it! It is fusible applique with random pieced sides, no boarders.  It measures 24" by 21".

I held on to all the scraps in order to make the back - today's project!  despite feeling like Death warmed over, I had a lot of fun with this.  And I find myself loving the back a smidge more than the front...  

Did this just become a pair of wall hangings?  Or perhaps a double sided piece to blow in the breeze?

Next step - quilting!! Which will be my weekend project!

Enjoy the sunshine!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Talk about a scorcher, woo!! I love Summer but I love Summer because of air conditioning.  We just built a sewing studio in the only room in our house without air conditioning... So I worked in shifts today rotating to other, cooler rooms of the house!

I have needed a new laptop bag for ages and today I finally had the chance to make it!  This was my first complex style bag, taking it a step beyond just a simple tote. Lined, with stiffening batting and a few quickie pockets, I did pieced bottom, sides and a curvy front flap. I haven't decided on a fastener just yet but that can come later. And to make it my style, I had to add an applique feather or two!!
The front!

The back with the flap open.

The inside. The whole project was done with leftovers of previous quilts so the feathers don't exactly match pinks but I love all the fabrics, so yay for mismatched!!

All packed for the office tomorrow!

Stay cool my friends!!