Friday, October 25, 2013

Elegant Swooning

I can't say it enough - I love Fall in New England!  I can't remember a more beautiful Fall, but then again I've always been chained to a desk and stuck indoors.  Django and I have been enjoying daily walks through the neighborhood and have found some really beautiful nature trails.  Chasing falling leaves are his favorite thing and amuse his little puppy heart for hours!

Have I mentioned that I love New England Fall??

At home in the quilt studio, things have been buzzing and wonderful!  It's a hard thing to write out a pattern.  For "Baby Birds" I've had to go back and forth between my original notes and actually making pieces in order to get the directions correct in my head and then on paper.  I've learned the value of writing down steps in better detail as I go.

This week also brought out a new quilt, as you might have noticed above!  My love of the Swoon block continues, so I introduce "Elegant Swooning," an original design by me at M. Rose Quilt Studios.  

"Elegant Swooning" by Maer Hatz at M. Rose Quilt Studios, Oct. 2013.  56" by 56", pieced and applique.
This has four blocks, each 24" square, with appliqued sashings.  (Yes, the feather applique is my favorite Positive/Negative applique.)  I toyed with the idea of a large, fancy boarder but it didn't work.  Just a simple 2" black edge was all it needed.  This would be a great weekend-warrior project for someone on a quilt retreat or for someone with a limited amount of time to sew! 

Enjoy the sunshine and the Fall colors!  I'm off for a while.  Dear friends are getting married and Fiance' J and I will be traveling to help them celebrate!  Quilt on and we'll chat soon!

Mood:  Excited!
Music:  "Railroad Track" by Willie Moon


  1. HOOORAYY for pups that make us go outside every day and notice all the beauty!! What I love is that with their beautiful eyes begging for a walk, one simply must go and NOT put other, mostly irrelevant things (like house chores or TV or...) before that. I am so grateful for Marley! :)
    OK Miss M. Rose, as I said before these are all just simply fantastic!!! Love this photo too and the only thing I would like is to see that last quilt on the right a bit closer! (did I miss it before?) - it is BEAUTIFUL!! what's the name?
    Have fun at the wedding! :)

  2. Love your quilts! I plan on making a Swoon quilt but I keep getting sidetracked with other projects! I'll get there eventually! I'm from Massachusetts too and think our weather has been gorgeous lately. Nice to meet you!

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