Friday, October 18, 2013

A Day Spent Relaxing

Today I decided to take a break from the norm and did a project just because I felt like it!  I had a bunch of scraps and a faint idea of where I wanted to go with it and just set to it.

(Disclaimer:  Last Fall I miscalculated the amount of fabric I'd need for a particular project and ended up with three times the amount for each fabric.  I am still trying to work my way through that huge amount so you may well be seeing lots of burgundy, teal and white :-)  Luckily, I happen to really like these colors in combination with each other but there will be many projects with these fabrics - including this one!!)

When I started out, I knew I wanted a quilted version of my logo - a swoon block with an appliqued outline of a bird laid over top.

(Insert my ever favorite method of Positive/Negative Applique!)  In contrast I wanted the silhouette of the black bird in a rotation of the swoon block.   Next came the feather applique (P/N again...) and the rest just fell into place.  And this is what happened:


 The top was done and I had even more fabric scraps than before I started, including the other halves to my appliqued birds and left overs to the swoon blocks.  It all came together because I simply didn't care how it went.  I just started sewing this piece to this and trimming up that until I have a piece slightly larger than the top and beautifully abstract!  I almost like the back more than the top - funny how that happened, and all without a plan!

I had the best time quilting, too.  I am a huge fan of Leah Day ( and her Free-Motion Quilting Project and used 4 of her free motion patterns through out this little project.  I think I used more thread quilting this 23" x 25" wall hanging than I did on my most recent baby quilt, it is that densely quilted.  And I'm particularly fond of how the quilting makes the back even more abstract.  This was my first time going completely improv with my quilting so it is rough but considering the project, I thought it quite suiting.

It was just a fun little project and a great way to break up routine.  Tomorrow, I am back my regularly scheduled stitchery and looking forward to it!

Cheers and quilt on, Lovlies!!

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  1. Hello Maer,

    The design is really interesting. I love the way you work without a plan. It has turned out really well.

    Love from England,

  2. and it looks great! nice! visiting from the linky party at leah's website! nice to "meet" ya!