Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cool breezes remind me of Fall!

This Boston summer has been brutally hot and humid.  But for the past week or so we've enjoyed beautiful breezes and lovely, low humidity!  All us curly haired girls are very happy to have something other than frizz!! :-)

The cool air has got me thinking about the Fall and my favorite color sets!  Burnt oranges, deep reds, olives and navies - just love it!  In the bottom of my stash I found a huge panel of adorable leaf and pumpkin blocks that were just screaming out to be sewn.  I was also lucky enough to find the perfect amount of coordinating fabrics to go with this panel.  And with a bit of a modern twist to it, this is what came from it!

I present "Fall Special," original design by me, M. Rose Arts. (47.5" x 47.5")  A great seasonal accent piece for a living room or bedroom.  It has a touch of Halloween, but not overwhelmingly so that it can still be used through Thanksgiving!  (This would make a great hostess gift to a family member for a holiday dinner if you don't have the time to make that green bean casserole...!)

I am really into this new crisp white and simple modern trend that is happening with quilts lately.  There is a bigger focus on the fabrics and keeping to a simple pattern, letting the colors become the focus.  I am also really a big fan of the no or very little boarder.  Boarders have always been my nemesis.  It's been easy to come up with a central design for the quilt, but coming up with a boarder that isn't cheesey or too busy or takes away from the top in some way is a miserable task.  So this top will be finished off with a simple black binding!

(Fiance' J made the comment, while I was sewing the blocks, that it looks like fancy napkins.  He earned a solid eye-rolling!)

  This panel is from the Blessings II collection, produced by Studio E Fabrics.  Yay for fabric.com - that's where I originally found this great panel!  The other fabrics are things I had hanging around.  The orange is especially fun as it is a mottled with gold metallic.

 Because I love the colors in this so much it was a quick and fun project!  Once this is quilted, I will work on wall hangings and a matching table runner.  The quilt and TBA additionals will be available for purchase.  There will be multiples of everything (quilt, wall hangings and table runners.)  As soon as they are made, pictures will be posted!

Be well and enjoy the gorgeous August weather!


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