Sunday, August 4, 2013

Catching up, moving forward, being happy

I had almost completely forgotten about this blog until the other night.  I have been thinking a lot lately about doing more online to get my business up and running, exploring my options...  And when the idea for a website floated across my mind, I remembered this project that I had started 2+ years ago!!

Update: Life is great right now.  I am healthy and have never physically felt better.  J and I are engaged, own our home and have a really good family vibe going.  We both are working - he working private security, me waiting for my security clearance to come through any day now for my new firm and quilting up a storm.  Our furchild, Django, is a delight!  He is 5 months old today and is nearly 60 lbs - Big Pooch :-)

He even smiles when he sleeps!!

I have no clue where the book I had originally decided to use ended up.  It may be in our attic or I may have sent it back to family in New York.  Either way it is out of mind.  From here on in, this will be my sewing blog.  It will mostly be quilting, hoping for some more historical reproduction work shortly and definitely some suiting along the way.  There will definitely be smatterings of other art every so often.  And as always, I am always open to input. 

Lately, I've been very busy and loving every minute of it.  There has been quite the baby boom here in Boston and I have pumped out quite a few baby quilts.

Commissioned piece for cousins in Texas for her first Mother's Day.  All the squares and circles cut from her own baby clothes collected by her mother.  Fusible applique, stippling quilting, flannel backing.

Seattle Star in Kona Solids with feather machine quilting. 1st of 3, this one was sold in a charity (Young Women's Camp) auction 8/3/13.

 Abstract Jungle Flowers in batiks, with fusible appliqued flowers and over all flower quilting pattern.  1st of 2, this one was a baby quilt gift to friends, Aug. 2013.

 From both the Seattle Star and the Abstract Jungle Flower, there are enough for others to be made and can be sold!  Email/message me for details!

 On the side, I've pulled a couple UFO's out of the closet and am finishing them off. 

Unnamed, fusible applique using the Positive/Negative method.  To be quilted - any ideas??

Unnamed, fusible applique using the Positive/Negative method.  I've will be adding boarders and quilting in an overall snowflake pattern.  Updates to come :-)
Also coming soon - owl curtains and quilts, Fall leaves, and Swooning :-)

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Music: "Hide Your Tears" by Daniel Licht, Dexter Soundtrack

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