Thursday, September 11, 2014

Faulty Stars

It has been an absolutely marathon few days since our last chat.  So all the time I had set aside for quilting was mostly used for anything BUT quilting! And probably the busiest of all the days was yesterday (Wednesday) - the day quilts were due for the Modern Summer Challenge in our Guild!

The most unexpected part of my day was the tiniest visitor we've ever had - Lilly!  Django, our 80 lb Catahoula Leopard,  has always been a cuddle bug and a sweet puppy, but yesterday proved he is a kind soul through and through.  When I went to bring him back in the house yesterday morning, I found him cuddling a little, black kitten on the front walk!!  And I mean little!!  I've never seen a kitten so young!  With no sign of Mom or any other kittens, we brought her in and for 6 hours we were foster parents to the cutest week old baby.  She chilled with me most of the day, though Django did spend a lot of time watching, too!  We named her Lilly and, had the Hubs not been hyper allergic to cats, we would have kept her.  But the wonderful and capable staff at the Boston Animal Rescue League took Lilly in and, from the sounds of it, there is a potential adopter already lined up!
Don't let her size fool you - this little girl has a good pair of lungs!  She was quite vocal when she was awake!
**UPDATE - She is spoken for officially!!** >>insert happy dance here!!<<

Last night was the Proper Bostonian Quilters Guild's first meeting of the season and it was an exciting start to our year!  There were so many beautiful and creative entries for the Modern Summer Challenge that it really ended up being a small show...

... which I almost missed!!  Guild started at 7:30p and I was sewing right up until 7:28p!  Luckily I live just up the street from where we meet.  I am very pleased with the final product.  My goal was to do something that would normally be found in a traditional work, push it off center and twist it.  
"The Fault in My Star," 48" by 70" at longest length, pieced, machine quilted

This is called "The Fault in My Star," based off the book by John Green, "The Fault in Our Stars."  In it, young characters are faced with terminal cancer and yet still chose to make the most out of life.  I found it a bright comfort while I read it during chemo procedures.  We shine at our brightest during the worst trials in life and that light touches so many more, we may not even know.  And when we lose someone, we still have their love and example but our lives are never as brilliant for their passing.

I dedicate this quilt to the memory of a friend, mentor and one greatly compassionate lady, Jennifer A. Strassburg, who passed this Summer after a very long a difficult battle with cancer.  She was a gifted teacher and powerful friend who remembered the little things and knew exactly what needed to be said to brighten your day.  Everyone who ever met her left a better person, but the World is not as bright without her in it. 
The link in her name above gives you just a glimpse of who she was to so many people. 

This quilt was a work of love from the start and also a lot of challenges!!  Because I so typically rely on applique, I did not want to do any applique in this piece.  The Lone Star parts were easy and went together easily.  Getting all the falling pieces, which were all improve-pieced, to fit together at all odd angles - not as easy as I thought!

Close up of the back material!

I also knew that I didn't want this to be a strictly squared off quilt.  The bottom part was the first part quilted by layering the batting, top face up, back face down; stitched in my shape; then flipped right side out.  Working from the bottom up with my basting and quilting went a lot easier than expected, too!  Having one spot solidly anchored made a HUGE difference!

Now that these pieces are done, I'm excited to focus back on things I started in June!  My overall goal is to keep my UFO stash at a minimum (she says while laughing!)

Keep stitching and we'll be in touch soon!!

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  1. It's a gorgeous quilt, Maer! Well done. And thanks for taking care of the kitten! All the cats I've adopted from shelters came from the ARL. They do good work! : )

    1. Thanks, Judy!
      Isn't the ARL great?! They have helped us out with our dogs in the past! And we are softies when it comes to abandoned/rescue pets - all our dogs have been rescues :-)