Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finishing up Summer!

August was FANTASTIC!  So much quilting, so much sunshine, just so much happened it's hard to believe it's September all ready!

August was also a month for finishing projects!  Around the house and yard we've been doing a lot of work landscaping and cleaning and we're starting to feel really proud of our little corner of earth!  The best part was celebrating with friends over Labor Day - sitting back to enjoy how far we've come this year and sharing it with our favorites!
We added a pool!!!  My favorite part of this Summer!!

Mr. Django was our fantastic helper outside - always happy and just so darn cute!!

Watching sailboats from my office!

Labor Day was a fantastic celebration with the best of family and friends!!

In the Studio it was all about finishing up Summer projects!  First was for a Mug Rug Swap from Quilting Gallery!  The theme was "Summer Memories" and my absolute favorite memories all have sailing or being near water around them.  Lucky for me, my amazing swap partner, Marie, also happens to really love sailing.  So designing was easy and a lot of fun!
I was feeling romantic, Summer date nights at the Fair!

Sunset sailing - from memories back home on Lake Ontario!

Made for me by the wonderfully talented Marie!

Last night I finished my Guild's Modern Wall Hanging Challenge and am really, really happy with the outcome.  I stared at the top for 2 months and doodled on post-its a ton until I figured out a theme I was happy with.  My secret design helper, the Hubs, also came to the rescue when I worked myself into a corner!  It is an amazing help to have a second pair of eyes to keep everything balanced and, in my case, to get the non-quilter's point of view! 
"Odd Feather" wall hanging, 20" by 23"

Feathers within feathers quilting.  I took the feather motif of quilting, enlarged it as an applique then added more feather quilting in it.  I have never been more proud of my quilting - so love the outcome!

Pieced back from scraps of the front, shows off a lot more of the quilting!

See you all here soon with updates for the Lap Quilt Summer Challenge as I finish that one up!

Cheers and happy stitching!!

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