Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Talk about a scorcher, woo!! I love Summer but I love Summer because of air conditioning.  We just built a sewing studio in the only room in our house without air conditioning... So I worked in shifts today rotating to other, cooler rooms of the house!

I have needed a new laptop bag for ages and today I finally had the chance to make it!  This was my first complex style bag, taking it a step beyond just a simple tote. Lined, with stiffening batting and a few quickie pockets, I did pieced bottom, sides and a curvy front flap. I haven't decided on a fastener just yet but that can come later. And to make it my style, I had to add an applique feather or two!!
The front!

The back with the flap open.

The inside. The whole project was done with leftovers of previous quilts so the feathers don't exactly match pinks but I love all the fabrics, so yay for mismatched!!

All packed for the office tomorrow!

Stay cool my friends!!


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