Saturday, June 28, 2014

Starry chevrons

Today was a red, white & blue kind of day, I'm always excited for July 4th!! We recently repainted our dining room to a bright blue & white, picked because I've always wanted a Colonial style dining room. Secretly, I think I picked these colors because they are so fun to decorate with during the Summer!!

So today my job was to make placemats for our new dining room!! I've always wanted to do something with chevrons - today was my chance!! The fabrics were part of a collection I picked up at our Guild's UFO auction last year and are actually Christmas fabrics - tho I think they work great as Americana, too!!

 I think later, they might become our picnic mats, after I add the binding that is... :-)

But I couldn't stop with the mats. I had a few leftovers that were just begging to be used! Pink the edges, add some twine, and a cute banner is made to match!

And our dining room is ready for the 4th!!

Happy 4th!!!

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