Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guten Abend!

After being inspired by many important and close people to me, I have decided to start a blog of my own!  I hope you all enjoy and check back in every so often, it will be fun to share this journey with others.

I have been told many times over that I am a walking conundrum - that I have far too many interests and hobbies, it is impossible to keep track of me.  I'm the type of girl who always falls in love with the villain in movies and roots for the underdog in sports.  I love going to concerts that blow out your ear drums and love moments with Mozart and a cup of herb tea.  I love sailing, surfing, motorcycles, muskets (well all firearms, really), costuming, dancing, cooking, sketching, tattooing, running, history, traveling, fashion and the list could go on forever.  My philosophy is that life is far too short, that we cannot live with regrets, and if an opportunity for something new comes our way, we should by all means take it!

But way up on the top of my list is quilting, something that has been near and dear to my heart since I was 7.  It is a bit of a family tradition that I completely love.  Most people are surprised and laugh a bit when they find out I quilt - I've heard all the Amish jokes, but I'm always ready for a new one so lay it on me!  I have recently gone through a few very harrowing personal experiences and more than anything, quilting has been my way of coping and recovering.  This world can, at times, be a bit daunting and frightening and we need time to regroup and a chance to make things right in our own way.  At times when I was so frustrated or upset that I wasn't able to handle any more chaos, I'd close my door to the outside world and quilt.  I mean, who in their right mind would turn down a warm, fluffy quilt?  And I needed the time on my own to think and let out the good in me to the World.  Part of that "recovery" has become this blog - I'm going to track myself - my projects, my music, my life - and welcome feedback and advice, creative, practical, emotional, anything you've got to give - and watch how good life can be after the bad!

For Christmas this past year (2010) I was given a quilt book from my mom.  Well, actually, she was given this book and I borrowed/commandeered it from her for the purpose of this blog.  It is "The Farmer's Wife - Sample Quilt" book by Laurie Aaron Hird.  (DISCLAIMER - I have no connection what so ever to Ms. Hird and give her all complete rights and honor for this beautifully published work - I am just a devoted fan and nutty artist!)  There are 111 different blocks in this book, plus the personal stories of several of their original designers from the 1920's.  So I have decided to make this quilt for myself.  I have the numbers 1 through 111 on pieces of paper in a vase.  As the year progresses, I will randomly pull a number and make the corresponding block, take pictures, write about what happens to be going on at the time, etc...  But thinking my plan over recently, I thought - how boring and unoriginal.  "Julie and Julia" covered this idea already and in a much better fashion.  Rather than just remake someone else masterpiece, I'm going to create one of my own.  I will make the original block in reproduction colors and make a variation of the block for myself in bright batiks - when I'm finished, I will have 2 King-sized quilt tops and will donate them to charity.  To which charity, I'm not yet certain.  I have a couple in mind (Susan G. Komen, UNCF, projectRed, etc..) but I am also open to suggestions.

In addition to the "Randomized" quilts, I'll be posting about other quilting projects I've undertaken.  Right now, I have 2 in the planning stages and a 3rd in the sketch phase with (miraculously) only one UFO (UnFinished Objects)!  I am hoping for some creative and constructive criticism - I openly admit that I am an amateur and would love any sort of direction!  With this now said, I bid you a good night and until later....

Mood: Exhausted
Music: "Handlebars" by Flobots

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